YesCart – pure eCommerce
A true Omni-channel e-commerce platform ...
... providing superior user experience across all devices
YesCart – pure eCommerce
Security and Data Federation
Putting business user in control...
... for efficient operation
YesCart – pure eCommerce
Product Information Management
Full featured Product Information Management (PIM)...
... with all catalog information few clicks away
YesCart – pure eCommerce
Content Management System
Content Management System (CMS)...
... allowing rapid changes to keep up with latest trends
YesCart – pure eCommerce
Price Lists Framework
Marketing module...
... to configure price lists including temporal and multi buy
YesCart – pure eCommerce
Promotion Engine
Marketing module...
... to configure promotions including item, order, shipping and coupons
YesCart – pure eCommerce
Order Management System
Order Management System (OMS) module...
... to have full control over orders
YesCart – pure eCommerce
Search and Navigation Engine
Customer friendly, by allowing fuzzy and drill-down searches ...
... to ensure that customers will find what they are looking for
YesCart – pure eCommerce
Theme Framework
Looking beautiful in every colour for every occasion ...
... with custom themes that can be changed with a click of a button
YesCart – pure eCommerce
Recommendations Framework
Customer friendly, by showing recommendations, viewed products, discounts and wish lists ...
... to ensure maximum conversion
YesCart – pure eCommerce
Built using time tested technology...
... to be secure and fast
YesCart – pure eCommerce
and many other features, such as:
Payments management with numerous out of the box integrations (PayPal, CyberSource, AuthorizeNet, PostFinance, LiqPay)
Reporting system
Inventory management
Configurable taxation policies
Shipping methods configuration management
Bulk import
Web Services / REST API for easy integrations
... and much more. Contact us to find out more

YesCart at a glance

YesCart is an e-commerce platform build using java technology.

The platform is designed as multi store (and multi tenancy) e-commerce server allowing multiple businesses and/or multiple business brands to create and manage their online stores with ease. However clients requiring simple one store servers will enjoy the platform as well without entering configuration nightmare - it is all very simple and takes just a few clicks in the administration application (known as YesCart Update Manager or YUM for short).

Storefront server includes all e-commerce basics as well as taking some of the most important features further. Such as multichannel capabilities through themes that adapt to customer devices; superior search and navigation capabilities to make sure your customers not only find products but find the right ones; and full e-commerce order lifecycle encapsulated within the platform as event system giving a clear and robust order processing.

YUM server puts business users in control of the platform (but only to the parts they have access to defined by assigned roles). All data is fully manageable through user friendly editors and can be imported via built in import wizard in the form of comma separated value files (CSV) or a zip archive with multiple CSV. Additionally YUM includes call center section that allows customer order management.

So it is all easily configurable but that is not all! Every business is unique requiring specific functionality, which is why YesCart was build for easy extension. Third party systems intergration is very simple through web services and storefront REST API.

And that is still not all! YesCart is an embodiment of e-commerce best practices and a true test driven design (TDD) platform to ensure all code is functional, efficacious and works with staggering performance.

Read more about it in our white paper:

Whitepaper »


What's in the box?

YesCart is a ready to use platform which includes:

Full feature e-commerce storefront (YeS)
Multi store support
Unlimited number of stores served by the storefront server
Store branding (themes) and store specific features configuration
Micro sites and business managed content
Flexible catalog structure
Full localisation support throughout
Full search engine optimisation (SEO) support for store, categories, content, products and SKU
Full text search and navigation support
Filtered (faceted) navigation by brands, price and unlimited number of custom attributes
Fuzzy searches (misspellings, plural vs singular), synonyms, stop words
Products relevancy (show products sorted by best match)
Multi SKU products relevancy (show the right SKU)
Tag searches
Drill-down (compound) searches
Add to cart, preorder, backorder and showroom support
Wish list and Save for later support
Seasonal sale prices, Multi buy (bulk discounts)
Promotions at product level, order level and shipping with coupons support
order state machine including order placement, funds authorization, funds capture and refunds
Configurable shipping methods
Configurable payment methods
Integration with payment gateways including market leaders AuthorizeNet, CyberSource, PayPal Button, PayPal Express, PayPal Pro, PostFinance and LiqPay
Catalog and product information
Full multi SKU support
Unlimited custom attributes and configurable specification details view
Featured product and product associations
Recently viewed, new arrivals and tagged products

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Full feature management application YesCart update manager (YUM)
Employee management (multi tenancy and access rights)
Configurable access roles
Configurable store access
Customer management / Call center
Customer account management
Order management (fully integrated with storefront order state machine)
Payment management
Reports framework
Catalog and Product information management (PIM)
Master catalog management
Store categories management
Brands management
Product types configuration (product specification, search and navigation rules)
Product and SKU data management
SEO management
Content management system
Micro sites management (static and dynamic content)
E-mail management (all email templates can be managed via YUM)
Inventory management
Warehouse(s) configuration
Inventory management
Marketing management
Unlimited price list that can be used for seasonal sales and multi buy
Product promotions (percentage discount, value off, free gift) automatic and coupon triggered
Order promotions (percentage discount, value off, free gift) automatic and coupon triggered
Shipping promotions (percentage discount, value off) automatic and coupon triggered
Tax configurations
Delivery configurations management (shipping, locations)
Available shipping methods management and pricing
Available billing and shipping locations management
Data import
All data can be imported into the system via CSV or ZIP

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Professional services and support

We offer a wide range of services to our clients including (but not limited to):
Consultations - providing detailed information on how to use YesCart, its features and performance
Architectural design - giving detailed description of how to implement certain features
Implementation services - anything from altering functionality, adding new themes to your shop, third party systems integrations to full implementation of your project
Environment configuration - full configuration of your production environment according to your business needs
Support services - for piece of mind when your e-commerce system is up and running
To find more about what we can do for your business contact us using our feedback form.


Building blocks

YC is build using Java following Service oriented architecture (SOA). The foundation of YC is Spring (Core, AOP, Security) with Hibernate as ORM layer integrated with Lucene for full text support and Ehcache caching throught the application to boost performance. Frontend is currently implemented in Wicket but there is no reason why a different technology can't be bolted on top of YeS - it's easy. YUM is implemented using Flex4 and connects to the server using BlazeDS.

All of these are well known, time tested and loved by developers technologies which ensure robustness of the system and minimal learning curve for the system integrators.


Contact Us

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:


The community

YC core team are dedicated professionals with vast experience in eCommerce and software development in general. But we always welcome a helping hand and are very keen on expanding our community and making YC a true success.

At the moment a number of companies are actively using YC so we are very excited to hear about these projects.

YC has a comprehensive user guide and we just created a Google group for discussions around implementations, challenges and new features. In addition to this we have various video workshops