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Our platform

Our platform

High availability platform with customisable customer facing frontend and flexible commerce API, which supports modern microservice-based architecture and offers a wide range of integrations.

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Mission control

Mission control

Manage all your retail and B2B channels using lightning fast and intuitive business user interface available on all devices.

  • Your business in your pocket on mobile
  • Built-in PIM to manage catalog data
  • Customer management
  • Order management with full fulfilment cycle support
  • Promotion campaigns, B2B pricing and offers
  • Built-in CMS to manage content

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Customer facing

Sales channel

Use our web application with a set of responsive design themes for a quick start. Alternatively benefit from our fully featured set of commerce API and mission control API that allow for a completely headless mode.

  • Commerce API to integrate with mobile apps, web apps, SPA, IoT and pretty much anything else
  • Mission control API to provide backend integrations for fully automated business operation
  • Customer facing web app with responsive design and a number of themes to start working now

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All features below are backed by commerce API and mission control API and are fully compatible with modern microservices architecture.

Customer facing features

Multi channel support

  • Unlimited number of sales channels served from a single platform
  • Sales channel branding (themes) and channel specific features configuration
  • Micro sites and business managed content
  • Flexible catalog structure
  • Full localisation support throughout
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) support throughout
  • Commerce API

Full text search and navigation support

  • Fully configurable faceted navigation
  • SaaS Multi-dimension facets
  • Fuzzy searches (misspellings, plural vs singular), synonyms, stop words
  • Searches based on relevancy scores
  • Multi SKU products relevancy
  • Tag searches
  • Drill-down (compound) searches


  • Add to cart, preorder, backorder and showroom support
  • Wish list, "save for later", SaaS shopping lists and SaaS assisted lists
  • Seasonal sale prices, Multi buy (bulk discounts)
  • Product, order, shipping and customer promotions including coupons
  • SaaS B2B and marketplace
  • SaaS Guided sales
  • Configurable shipping methods
  • Configurable payment methods
  • AuthorizeNet, CyberSource, PayPal Button, PayPal Express, PayPal Pro, PostFinance, LiqPay and SaaS Swissbilling


  • Configurable product types
  • Multi SKU support
  • SaaS Product options and components support
  • Featured products, configurable product associations
  • Recently viewed, new arrivals and tagged products
  • Virtual categories
  • SaaS Google product metadata
  • SaaS Customer specific offers and catalogs


  • Micro sites
  • Product, catalog, content and brand media
  • SaaS Media repository

Inventory management

  • Fulfilment centres
  • Stock management


  • SaaS Google tag manager

Mission control features

Employee management

  • Multi tenancy management
  • Sales channel access
  • Sales channel data federation
  • Configurable access roles

Customer management / Call center

  • Customer account management
  • SaaS Customer assistance
  • SaaS Guided sales
  • Order management (full fulfilment cycle)
  • Payment management

Catalog and PIM

  • Master catalog management
  • Sales channel catalog management
  • SaaS B2B catalog management
  • Suppliers management
  • Brands management
  • Product information management
  • Product types configuration (product specification, search and navigation rules)
  • SaaS Advanced product configurations (options and components)
  • SEO management


  • Static and dynamic content
  • Micro sites management
  • SaaS Advanced CMS preview
  • E-mail template management
  • Sales channel E-mail template preview
  • SaaS Media repository

Inventory management

  • Fulfilment centres
  • Stock management

Marketing management

  • Unlimited price list, seasonal, sales and multi buy
  • Product promotions, automatic and coupon triggered
  • Order promotions, automatic and coupon triggered
  • Shipping promotions, automatic and coupon triggered
  • Customer promotions via auto-tagging
  • Taxation


  • Shipping methods and pricing
  • Payment methods
  • Billing and shipping locations
  • Fulfilment centres


  • Dashboard widgets and alerts
  • Reports and on-demand data exports
  • SaaS Dashboard charts

Import/Export (ImpEx)

  • CSV, XML or ZIP
  • SaaS Data auto updates


  • SaaS Cloning, transfer and removal of shop data
  • SaaS Catalog management tools
  • SaaS Fulfilment centres management tools


  • SaaS Performance
  • SaaS Self healing
  • SaaS Schedules management

Choose the right platform flavour for your business

Our platform comes in several flavours providing best fit for any business, be it a small online shop, a medium size retailer or a multinational.

Community version is free to use and modify as you see fit ... and don't worry you are not in this alone. Should you need any help you can reach out to the community or make use of our professional services.

Our SaaS offering can scale depending on your business needs and you can start using it from as little as 50 USD p.m. We also provide dedicated SaaS tenants with full access rights for businesses that would like to take full advantage of the platform features.

We offer a wide range of professional services including but not limited to: support services, consultations & training workshops, implementation & integration services.



Free to use as you please.

  • Mission control
  • Commerce API
  • SFW web app
  • Community support

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This is an annual license.

  • Access to SaaS source code
  • Mission control**
  • Commerce API**
  • SFG web app**
  • Reliable SaaS
  • Automatic upgrades
  • 24/7 technical support

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** advanced features

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  • The team YC core team are dedicated professionals with vast experience in eCommerce and software development in general.
  • Get help YC has a comprehensive user guide and video workshops, which is always a good place to start. For more specific questions and discussions around implementations, challenges and new features you can use Google groups. You can also get in touch with our professional services team using the contact form to get quick help.
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